My name’s Maxime Brygo. I was born in 1984 in Dunkirk, France, and I'm currently living between the North of France and Brussels, Belgium.

The dummy book of my last work Flatland is ready. Hope to release the book soon!

In the vast southern plains of Vietnam, I wandered around wastelands, looking for magic in these initially trivial spaces. The photographic act endowing a strangeness to them, the images started to appear as mirrors of Vietnamese tales, incarnating themselves.

Lignes de flottaison started with the collecting of visual archives of the Meuse river in Belgium. Drifting along the streams, I shot photographs that resonated with the images found, or stories I had heard from dowsers, speleologists, boatmen…

In the former Franco-Belgian mining region, I explored a little-known heritage associated to experienced or legendary stories. Pavillons et totems superimposes images of places and recordings of inhabitants, opening to a multiplicity of perspectives and voices.

You can read the texts that have been written about this work by Muriel Enjalran (FR/EN) and Michel Poivert (FR/EN).

A long time ago (during my studies at La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium) I travelled regularly to Eastern and Northern Europe. Here I share some pictures of an early work entitled europes.

Sometimes I also lead workshops. But if you want to know (nearly) everything, here you can read an accumulation of factual lines.

I receive your words at maximebrygo@gmail.com or via instagram.

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